Tutoring, globalized

Our simple, but revolutionary blockchain escrow system enables efficient, radically affordable peer-to-peer tutoring on a global scale. So get started and be a student, tutor, or both!

We are powered by the Cardano blockchain, whose extended UTxO model provides ideal security guarantees for small-transaction escrow. You'll interact using the Nami light wallet (other wallets coming soon).

If you're new to Cardano, welcome! Get some Ada from an exchange or a friend, and you're good to go. Or if you just want to tutor, just make a wallet and you can start accepting payments today.

Community first

We are proud to be fully community-funded via Cardano Project Catalyst. We are beholden to nobody else but you, the community! Sign up for our newsletter for updates.

A truly open marketplace

Tutorchain does not vet, endorse or promote tutors. (That sounds like censorship to us, not the open market we crave.) However, you can browse listings created by registered tutors, or post an ad for tutors to see. Your email is never shared with tutors; you'll interact with them using an intermediate email (a la Craigslist).

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You might also find a tutor on our discord server. But keep in mind that your dream tutor might be someone you already know, like a reddit poster or even a friend at school. Even if you trust the person, you may wish to consider using Tutorchain, which will help them build a verifiable reputation for a tiny fee.

Reviews you can trust—and verify

We store the hash of the student's review in the metadata of the transaction that pays the tutor (feature coming soon). This means that every review you read on tutorchain is publicly and immutably associated with a particular payment on a particular date, together with Tutorchain's contemporaneous attestation that a lesson took place. It's a little like proof of work for reviews: you can only fake one if you fake the whole lesson. As such, these are the most trustworthy reviews on the internet.

Everyone's a tutor

Anyone can sign up to be a tutor. If you've ever explained anything to anyone, you've tutored. Use your real name or a pseudonym. You can change it later, so don't stress.

Join the movement

Your email is used to communicate with Tutorchain and otherwise kept private. Your name is shown to your students and can also be listed publicly if you choose.

Keep your earnings

Traditional tutoring businesses take at least half of tutors' earnings, and online marketplaces typically take one third. By contrast, tutorchain takes no cut at all. (You heard that right.) We just charge a tiny (2 Ada) service fee to the student.

Own your reputation

Tutoring marketplaces are reputation-based, and tutorchain is no exception. To get business here, you'll have to build up your reputation with successful lessons leading to good student reviews. However, the difference here is that your reputation is yours. Traditional services can alter or delete your reviews on a whim, if they think that you violated their terms of service (perhaps you took a student off-platform to avoid their large cut). By contrast, we have radically permissive terms of service (your students are yours!) and we couldn't delete or alter your reviews even if we wanted to, since they are stored immutably on chain (feature coming soon). As such, every review is verifiably associated with exchange of monetary value, so students know they are legit.

The user experience

Student and tutor connect off-platform (optionally using our listing service). Both parties register on our site and verify their email. When both are ready for a lesson:
  1. Tutor creates a lesson offer with a specified length (in minutes) and cost (in Ada), and shares the link with student.
  2. Student uses the link to accept the offer within 15 minutes, escrowing funds from their browser wallet.
  3. Lesson takes place as soon as escrow transaction is confirmed, using a zoom link provided by our website.
  4. Student confirms that the lesson took place and reviews the tutor. Tutorchain releases the funds from escrow, archiving the review in the transaction metadata.

If the student reports that the lessson did not occur, Tutorchain will confirm with the tutor before sending the funds back. If there is disagreement, we use the zoom logs to decide the case.

Practically no fees

Students pay a 2 Ada per-lesson service fee to Tutorchain,* and tutors pay no fees at all. This can be compared to a traditional tutoring business, which takes 50-80% of each lesson cost, or an online tutoring business, which typically takes about 30%. As a student, you'll pay far less for tutoring, and as a tutor, you'll keep 100% of your earnings.

*Students also pay a Cardano transaction fee (currently 0.17 Ada) and up to 4 Ada in dispute fees. The 4 Ada is deposited to Tutorchain at the time of escrow and serves as a good-behavior incentive. The deposit is normally returned in full; it is confiscated only if the student initiates and loses a dispute or violates our terms of service.

Smart contract escrow

Our low-fee service is enabled by a simple, but revolutionary form of smart contract escrow. Rather than sending the lesson funds to Tutorchain, students deposit them into a smart contract that only gives us the authority to direct them appropriately—either to the specific tutor offering the lesson, or back to the student for a refund. Since payment passes directly from student to tutor, with Tutorchain only deciding whether it should take place, we have negligible compliance overhead and can offer radially affordable escrow services to users worldwide.

The smart contract also provides exceptional security guarantees. Funds escrowed for each lesson are stored separately, in a separate UTxO (script address). It is impossible for us to use the lesson cost funds for any purpose other than paying the specific tutor or refunding the specific student in that lesson. An attacker who compromises our signing keys would gain similarly limited access. There is no incentive to attack our system.

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